As cyber-attacks increase in number and complexity, artificial intelligence (AI) helps under-resourced security analysts stay ahead of threats. Artificial intelligence technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing gather threat information from millions of scientific articles, blogs, and news articles. This provides a quick insight into the buzz of daily alerts, drastically reducing response times.

Businesses reluctantly approach AI because they fear non-compliance with data privacy laws. It's a tricky balancing task: maximizing AI applications that personalize customer experiences, streamlining operations across the enterprise, and anticipating industry trends while maintaining data privacy. Businesses cannot provide free access to data, nor can it take months to determine which data requires anonymization for analytical purposes. Adequate enterprise-wide security must shape data intelligence if businesses are to extract value from data and protect its most sensitive components.

AI Protect is a single answer to the difficult question of how enterprises can ensure that multiple cloud-based and on-premises AI tools work harmoniously to protect data. It streamlines the classification, detection, and management of various methods to protect sensitive data and meet data privacy laws. By effectively securing data, the solution unleashes the power of artificial intelligence and transforms companies into intelligence-driven innovators.

Digital transformation has enabled companies to generate, organize, and activate data more smoothly than ever before. Data is a superpower that companies can use to conduct advanced analytics and enhance artificial intelligence.

AI protection

Protects a wide variety of data types - dates, numbers, and unstructured text used in analytics. Tokenization determines the type of data and maintains the format and length, making the data easy to process and analyze in a protected state.

Data protection should run at your business's pace, especially when harnessing the potential of secure data to advance AI.

By supporting segregation of duties, the solution meets the different data needs of other users and provides timely access so that analytical projects are not delayed.

The AI ​​program is only as good as the data entered into it. AI Protect continuously classifies and detects sensitive data to increase the use of AI in the enterprise.