Provides Peace of Mind That Our Technology is Sound!

Having a trusted partner who provides honest feedback gives us peace of mind that our technology is sound. With Reliable Information Technology we have a reliable vendor we can turn to anytime for support, on projects both big and small. I know that they will guide us to the best solution and are even willing to let us know if some tasks would be better-suited for another vendor. They give sound technical advice at a reasonable cost. Technology is crucial to every business, and having a trusted partner is the key to success. I know I can turn to RIT for anything at pretty much any hour, and they will respond quickly with honest and dependable feedback.

Larry Einhorn Larry Einhorn Cure SMA

RIT Never Leaves us Hanging

The biggest benefit of moving our company to RIT has been their availability. All their employees are very friendly and accommodating to our needs. They put in the extra effort to make us understand what they are doing and why they are doing it, with the end goal of less interruptions to our business. RIT will not let you down - they work on a problem until it is fixed and I never have to worry if they forgot about me.

Susan Saxton Comptroller
Larry Roesch Volkswagen (Bensenville, IL)

I can focus on growing my business again

RIT is a very resourceful and detail oriented solution for our business. We used to maintain our own systems, from the workstation level all the way through the network. Sid and his team were able to provide me solutions catered to fit my exact needs, which allowed me to focus on growing my business once again.

Paul Fionda M&M Control Service, Inc.

Our System is Much More Reliable

The biggest difference for us has been getting rid of the microwave internet access that had been bogging down our business. Our system is much more reliable now, and RIT had the connections to make this happen. ​After having the same IT person for over 20 years, I was very nervous about switching over and how it would affect us. Thanks to Sid and his team we didn't skip a beat, and many of our processes have even improved.  If you’re on the fence, go with RIT!”

Jim Cirrincione President
Hinsdale Nurseries (Willowbrook, IL)

Response Time Exceeds Expectations

Reliable Information Technology provides us with turnkey solutions to our IT needs. Communication and response times are of great importance to us. RIT has maintained above satisfactory levels for both. If you are not sure if you should try RIT Company, I would tell you to just make the jump. We are happy we did!

Tom Preston Dura-Ply Roofing

Operable Computer Network with Minimal Down Time

I know when I contact Reliable Information Technology that my problems/concerns will be addressed promptly. They know that my calls are usually of an urgent nature and that my business is dependent on a safe, operable computer network with minimal down time. While I have had little experience with other IT firms to compare RIT against, I can't imagine any other firm caring more about me and our business.

Dan Wilkinson Pest Management Supply

Reliable Information Technology Allows Us To Focus On What We Do Best

Although we are a technology company, we specialize in accounting software - not hardware and networking. We can waste a lot of time working on computers in areas that are not our expertise.  Using Reliable Information Technology allows us to work on what we know best, and have a cost-effective answer to our miscellaneous computer issues. We appreciate their flexibility in letting us do what we can. They do want we either cannot do, or simply do not have the time to do. Try Reliable Information Technology. We have, and we are glad we did.

Michael Ericksen WAC Solution Partners-Midwest

Response Time Exceeds Expectations!

The response time from Reliable Information Technology is over the top… when I go down, I need to be up and running fast. RIT always responds promptly and provides me with solutions, not excuses. Bigger firms I have worked with in the past forget who you are. Sid’s team gives me personalized service that is vital to the success of my business. RIT Company understands the unique demands I have from a technology standpoint. It sets them apart from the rest. Please note, I am not a relative nor have I been paid to provide this feedback. I’ve been with them for about 15 years and believe that its people that make an organization successful. Reliable Information Technology has the type of people I want to be my partners!

Thomas A. Carlucci Integra Print and Data Services, Inc.

Responsive, patient, and accommodating

RIT Company has always been extremely responsive, patient, and accommodating while finding the correct solutions for my small business needs, even during emergencies. It’s never about them, they always prioritize me and my company – finding out how to make things work better and cut out wasted time due to technology.

Larry Rosenthal Unique Upholstery, Carpet, and Rug Cleaning

RIT, with its highly skilled staff, has been a great fit for our small business.  

They really care about their clients and go above and beyond to understand our business needs.  The help desk is prompt in responding to any issues we encounter, and all of the people there are professional and knowledgeable.  They are also very nice! Their reasonable monthly fee is worth every penny.  I feel we are valued as a client and I trust Greg, Eaton, and the whole staff with our IT needs.

Elizabeth Rude Vice President of Operations
North Shore Management

Unparalleled expertise, accessibility, and customer service

“RIT responds to our pain points with unparalleled expertise, accessibility, and customer service. They provide cost-effective solutions and even address ongoing problematic issues at no additional cost. RIT is a smaller firm with all the capabilities of a larger firm, and they don’t treat you as just another account. With RIT you get hands-on personal service by very capable techs who invest in understanding your company needs and internal workings.”

Robert Wankewycz President
Authentic Inspections & Consulting, Inc.

RIT is always responsive to our needs no matter how small, big, or odd. Each tech is an expert in their field with high levels of customer service allowing me to focus on my business.

Eugene “ GINO” Petrovsky Director of Supply Chain

Quick and Efficient Response

Reliable Information Technology has always responded quickly and efficiently whenever I have had a computer emergency. Some of the biggest benefits they provide are the response time and the fact that all available options are discussed when resolving a problem or performing an upgrade. If you are looking for a reliable computer company, I would suggest that you call Reliable Information Technology.

David L. Pinsel Divorce Attorney at the Law Offices of David L. Pinsel
P.C. (Rolling Meadows, IL)