“How can I protect against attacks?” is one of the most common questions our clients ask.

The truth is that attacks will happen because the bad actors will always find a way in. Anyone who tells you differently isn’t being honest. It’s all about slowing cyber attackers down enough so that they tire out and move on. We repel attacks in many ways:

  1. Business-class antivirus/malware
  2. Business-class firewalls
  3. Business-class security bundles that include:
    • Packet scanning
    • Sandbox filtering
    • Geo-blocking
  4. Alerts that tell us when someone is trying to get into your network
  5. Network scanning for new devices being added to your network
  6. Training
  7. Send out phishing test to see who in your company will do the wrong thing
  8. On-line classes to teach end-users what to look out for and what not to do
  9. Installing software that can lock unwanted and unneeded software from starting
  10. Monitoring your environment 24/7

Cybersecurity is not a minor threat; it can have a devastating reputational and financial impact on your organization. Our holistic approach to cybersecurity allows us to assess all potential cyber threats--from people, your capital, and technology--to ensure that your company is aware of the risk and takes all necessary steps to mitigate them.

Call today to learn how we can protect you against cyber attacks.