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Email Scam Spoofing Alert

Exercise caution when reading emails asking for private information

Recently we’ve had clients receive several emails claiming to be from Microsoft trying to resolve some issue, with a link requesting for the recipient’s login information. This is a classic example of email spoofing, which is the forgery of an email header so that the message appears to be from someone recognizable such as Microsoft or some other organization. Continue reading

Ransomware Alert

Infections reported worldwide

In recent news, a ransomware attack unleashed on Friday – known as WannaCry – has affected more than 100,000 organizations in 150 countries, including Russia and China. Ransomware is the latest trend in cybercrime which blocks access to your files unless you pay a fee, which can range from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars. It was reported that 60% of all malware last year was ransomware, and 64% of infected users paid the ransom. Continue reading